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Understanding Text - Representation, Evaluation, Register, Style, Genre, Cohesion & Coherence, Dialogism, Ideological Positioning (and the rest).

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effected is not in reality a faculty having its seat in the brain

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to her three days after her husband s death while the grave clothes

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Avho certainly know their business. I caiuiot speak of it too highly.

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shape of the letter L. The soft parts were then carefully

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but none which satisfactorily account for it. By some it is considered

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Professor of Botany in the University of Aberdeen. Had death

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To school the town boy went as soon as he could walk. Having

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and his pupil Van Swieten. Scottish students flocked in numbers

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led some people to employ the resurrectionist himself as a watcher.

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ance suggests the painstaking secretary and treasurer which he

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the first class to junior members who had undergone a regular

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was the first home of medicine as of religion and civilisation and

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The departures from liealthy menstruation are numerous. The most

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which supply the substance of the heart arise from the two

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alternately. By this arrangement Dr Alexander Ewing of King s

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the application of pressure to the loins. The most sure evidence is total

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celebrated discovery of morphia and his experiments in class on

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purgative at first may be necessary and aloes may be used as

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proprietor of the once celebrated Temple of Health in Edinburgh

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hanging cliff which looked as if it might fall at any moment and

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or in the treatment. All doubtful obscure or difficult cases are

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order to produce an amount of saliva which may shield the irritated

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Carroll F. Haines M.D Associate Projessor of Otology

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numerous febrile cases of non enteric origin showed no diminution of the

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inches athtetic and strong in health muscles well developed

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impart a feeling of lassitude and debility to those sleeping on

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and chest and attacked the wounded limb. In the wounded

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saline or Dakin s solution using a large amount once daily or small

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In subacute or chronic muscular rheumatism pain is excited

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parts. But though it may be chronic variations in degree will be felt

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cathai tic in two hours after the last dose is administered.

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four hours succeeding this engagement. That perhaps Dr.

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call immediately leap out of bed answered when he shouted

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disclosure under certain circumstances on the part of the physician.

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medicines we can afford and do not neglect to have them gathered

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the body and whether wnfMWenjeBt k S kept pace here with

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y officials and attendants in their respective capacities

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may distress some one else. Each woman should remember

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sition to eat fatty substances. The general derangement of the alimen

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itself in some form of inflammation. We may notice that some

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levelled with no little acrimony on either side. Mr Bothwell

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Ointment that has acquired great fame for the prompt relief which it

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attend as he intended to mention with much commendation the

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healthy and an increased flow can be produced by pressure

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until they unite and become large trunks conveying the dark

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lungs. The larger thinner and more delicate the horse s nostrils are the

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dull headaches and pain at base of brain. Sometimes I would become suddenly

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ten drops as before. He had one paroxyism shortly after

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after this injury which subsided in a few days under dili

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are a few of the preparations of this metal most generally

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article on The Ballot racy and readable. The writer young

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in which its top or fundus falls either forward against the bladder

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the coronary band it necessarily follows that there must be a break or

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measures this country will become one of the finest and most pro

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less frequent and by the extremities con inuing warm. As in most acute

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sacrificial devotees. So why not an income tax badge

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Part I General Physics is well written and illustrated by numerous

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tite is capricious the throat irritated and the patient makes frequent