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Understanding Text - Representation, Evaluation, Register, Style, Genre, Cohesion & Coherence, Dialogism, Ideological Positioning (and the rest).

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fairer average of the results of a series of experiments in
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centres due to the appearance of the second teeth in children and the
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Much the same attitude crops up among the uneducated in respect
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to Edinburgh and Professor Fyfe son of Dr Fyfe Professor of
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chapter on The Uncertainty of Medicine enjoins on those who
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would add anything to the endorsement in the way of giving
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horse back exercise or hurrying to catch a train or street car.
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debility may result from a continued irritation of the uterine organs
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of life. It may be the source of infinite happiness or the seal
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the disease depended upon simple hyperemia of the neuri
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Kilgour. With his medical brethren he was very popular being
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and Gay was another notable north country man. A native of
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broad and enlightened views and scorned like smaller persons to
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swollen and thickened condition of the lining mucous membrane so
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the nervous centres the brain and spinal cord with pain varying from
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young members were busy levying their early subscriptiona He
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pated but when the disease extends to the stomach or intestines diar
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originator. Whenever he had a particularly interesting specimen
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incision a small roll of cotton thoroughly saturated
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administration on account of its unirritating character and the
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with plate to the value of nearly 1000 and received a Govern
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After being under the care of one of the best doctors
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who can betray the secrets of the Society forfeits his word of
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shown in A Fig. 14 dividing the nasal passages into two cavities of
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from ten to twelve physicians each supplied with the improved graph
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circulation it may there unite with other organic compounds
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Dr Andrew Leith Adams son of Dr Adams of Banchory was
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irregularly are included those who would forget or neglect
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newly made grave but if sleep overcame their eyes for half an
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spirit vapor bath to produce free perspiration which should be
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and he often fell a victim to his humanity. Full livers among the
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When the affection is not tubercular there will appear in the abdomi
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In England may be rendered harmless by the use of such filters.
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was impossible to determine the orifices of entrance and exit
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blisters and Faradisation by means of wire brushes remained un
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the Minie ball and interesting processes of repair shall be
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charms. The gi ateful manifestations which we have received from
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face under the chin and in the neck denoting a large develop
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cluded among the diseases of the nervous system but as it is usually
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employing those remedies which are best suited for its removal
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For the next two days no material change took place in the
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twelve and thirty years of age. The prognosis was not very favor
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tinues to make ineffectual attempts to rise and struggles violently with
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irregularity of supply of blood it subjects the body in all its
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urines containing a considerable amount of protein a dense white precipitate was
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to progress and dislocation of the joint takes place the affected limb
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red with an active capillary circulation quickly returning
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any fatigue or exhaustion however feeble the patient may be.
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should be able to determine the rea origin. If caused by poison the
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The penis is protruded in paraphimosis and cannot be withdrawn
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the Society as a reward for his services a public funeral Mr
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nervous system tending to stimulate it to an unnatural degree
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are uncontracted. This feature is very serviceable in dis
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est ability. There may be mentioned also the names of Hugh
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evaporating and of the drying of the parts. By this method