Understanding Text - Representation, Evaluation, Register, Style, Genre, Cohesion & Coherence, Dialogism, Ideological Positioning (and the rest).

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This is a site devoted to various approaches to critical and functional text analysis - to those branches of linguistics which can be seen as concerned, in the broadest sense, with the rhetorical tradition, with understanding how various choices and patternings of choices in grammar, lexis and text organisation relate to the interpersonal, rhetorical and ideological functionality of texts.

More resources will be added in due course. For the moment, it's basically just the home page for the Text Analysis Workshop at the Uninversity of Birmimgham. A link to the workshop materials is provided below. A link it also provided the page's sister site - the Appraisal Analysise web site.

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Birmingham Text Analysis Workshop Sessions - weekly

Click Here: Session 1 Materials

Click Here: Session 2 Materials

The Appraisal Analysis Web Site


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