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Understanding Text - Representation, Evaluation, Register, Style, Genre, Cohesion & Coherence, Dialogism, Ideological Positioning (and the rest).

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summed up by Dr. Dalton as exerting a general protective

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of incision downwards to the sural muscles. Suppuration is

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thus administered. Among the most important mechanical in

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in 1806 and became a member of the Medical Society in 1836.

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The usual impediments to the success of similar enterprises

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one volumes which occupied him for seven years. This work was

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correct but from the facts I have observed the following

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ance which judiciously given might have saved valuable lives.

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ment or tearing of its cylindrical portion are so many causes of

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these times. Bands of young depredators haunted the churchyards

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malady. The distinctions made are founded chiefly upon the depth

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Temporary or Milk Incisors Development of the Permanent Teeth The

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reflects the red tint of the underlying skin hence the name miliaria

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Favorite Prescription and Pleasant Pellets and Gold

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our law that it permits such swindlers to go unpunished. Not so

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married to Miss Gibbon daughter of an Aberdeen shipowner and

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Etiology. Commonly partial paralysis or palsy in the horse arises

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I say that words fail me to express to you my sincere

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consciousness on the part of the individual nor by any ap

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In 1769 the names of Dr More and Dr Menies shortly after

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well ventilated loose box taking care that cold air does not blow upon

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Don and its embowered Chanonry where Protestant professors

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red cap of liberty and raved about fraternity and equality. George

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navy. Drs Forbes George Skene John Gregory Professor of

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Dr. Wood in his Practice of Medicine mentions another instance of a

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stances as we will often meet with and with most satisfactory

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example the electro magnetic telegraph the greatest invention of the

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F. Maitland Moir Dr William Stephenson Professor of Mid

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use effected by the Direct the Rotary and the Revolving

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one time messmate Julian Grenfell for no man better voiced this thought

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the Gallowgate of Aberdeen and practised as a doctor. He was

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Camp Itch by Surgeon John H. Claiborne in charge of

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tending throughout the capsule of the portal vessels and

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